Remote Loopy 2

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Remote control switching for your pedalboard or offstage gear. 

Have you ever wondered how to get your modulation and delay effects in your amp's loop WITHOUT those massive tone-sucking cable runs?

Do you want your effects back at the amp, but have the ability to switch them with a simple footswitch? 

We have the answer – Remote Loopy 2 enables you to set up the effects in your amp's FX loop and control them remotely from anywhere on the stage. 

The Remote Loopy 2 uses high quality audio relays to facilitate the switching of the 2 true bypass effects loops. The trigger in the Remote Loopy 2 can be activated by any latching switch and as there is no audio in the trigger cable, it can be as long as you like with absolutely no effect on the audio quality. No guitar signals pass through the long control cable to the footswitch so your tone is preserved and your pedals are out of the way and close to your amp. It's the ultimate, silent, dual effects loop remote switching system.
 Use it with pedals, rack gear – anything you want in your amp's loop! 

Key Features

  • Silent Switching - TheGigRig Remote Loopy 2 enables you to switch effects pedals silently in and out of your amplifier's effects loop
  • Tone Preserving - There is no audio between the Remote Loopy2 and the footswitch, so the connection can be as long as you like with NO tone-suck or signal loss
  • A Tidier Stage - Leave your effects back at the amp with just a small switch out front. Safer from spills and damage, and saves space in small venues
  • Reliable - Gold contact relay switching, the Remote Loopy2 is rugged, road tested, and as reliable as they come


POWER - 9V (optimised for use with the GigRig Generator power supply)
SWITCHING - Gold contact audio relays remotely switched via TRS connection
DIMENSIONS - 12.3cm x 6.5cm x 3.6cm / 4.84in x 2.56in x 1.42in
WEIGHT - 0.22kg / 0.5lbs
The GigRig warrants the product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the original date of purchase. If the product fails within the warranty period, The GigRig will repair or, at our discretion, replace the product and cover the cost of return shipping to the original purchaser. This warranty covers defects in manufacturing discovered while using this product as recommended by The GigRig. This warranty does not cover loss or theft, nor does the coverage extend to damage caused by misuse, abuse, unauthorized modification, improper storage, lightning, or natural disasters. Damage caused by any of the above circumstances may result in a non-warranty repair fee. Legal: In the case of malfunction, the purchaser’s sole recourse shall be repair or replacement, as described in the preceding paragraphs. The GigRig will not be held liable to any party for damages that result from the failure of this product. Damages excluded include, but are not limited to, the following: lost profits, lost savings, damage to other equipment, and incidental or consequential damages arising from the use, or inability to use this product. In no event will The GigRig be liable for more than the amount of the purchase price, not to exceed the current retail price of the product. The GigRig disclaims any other warranties, express or implied. By using the product, the user accepts all terms herein.

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    Nice solution to avoid long cables!

    Posted by Tony Mulder on Oct 5th 2020

    This switch box is an easy way to keep your time-base effects near your amp's effects loop and allow remote switching using any standard dual foot switch connected with any trs cable. It's roughly the same size as a regular sized pedal (rotated 90 degrees), but of course you'll need the room to route the cables in/out of the box; the point being, it's as compact as possible, so a big plus on the formfactor. The loop indicator LEDs are a nice touch as well. It also has the tip/sleeve connections in the correct order with a standard dual footswitch; the left footswitch activates the left loop and the right footswitch activates the right loop. The price is roughly the same as many pedals, so again, a big plus on the value. The only negative being, that I get a pretty audible pop when switching the pedals in and out with two different amps. It's loud enough to be heard when playing a low volumes, but I've not tried it at stage volumes yet. There may be an issue with my particular setup, so I can't necessarily point to an issue with the switch design. All-in-all, it's a great tool.

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    Remote Loopy 2 - Brilliant!

    Posted by Mike Riley on Apr 12th 2018

    I have been looking for a solution like this for years! I like to run a very clean setup and the Remote Loopy 2 is the perfect solution for me. I have a pair of Dunlop EP103 Echoplex delay pedals (short delays, long delays) and I really hated having to run long cables from my effects loop to my pedalboard (i.e. signal loss, extra power cables, etc.) With the RL2, I have both delays sitting on my amp in the back and I run a simple TRS cable to a pair of on/off switches out front. I rarely use pedals out front (occasional wah, phaser or univibe) but when I do, I just use a batteries so that I don't have to mess with the extra power, cables, etc. My pedalboard now consists of my amp's controller pedal remote on/off switches next to it. I'm incredibly pleased with this device and will probably end buying another one for the pedals in front of the amp and keep them offstage also. This makes setup a whole lot easier, I use less power cables and my guitar's signal path is only about three feet long after the wireless receiver. Thank you, GigRig, for a brilliant piece of gear!!! Mike Riley USA

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    Remote Loopy 2

    Posted by John Lucus on Mar 30th 2018

    While I probably use it differently then most I'm thrilled with the remote loopy 2 as its solved an age old problem with my vintage tube reverb units and oil can delays. Everyone knows that these units sound incredible but for whatever reason they are ultra susceptible to the effects of cable capacitance. The cable lengths used after them need to be as short as possible to avoid serious high end loss. . If you add to this that a lot of the ways these units bypass is far from ideal... it can be pretty easy to reserve them for home and recording use. The remote loopy 2 solves both of these problems perfectly, 2 loops, no more cable loading, true bypass and dead silent switching makes the RL2 a home run for me.

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    Remote Loopy 2 with Line 6 Helix

    Posted by Joel Bernier on Feb 28th 2018

    I am using the Remote Loopy 2 with my Line 6 Helix. I am controlling the RL2 through the Ext Amp function of the Helix (I am not using an amp). Because my 4 FX loops on the Helix were full I needed a solution to add 2 other pedals and be able to activate them when selecting a snapshot (scene), within a preset (I am not a great tap dancer…). Plus some type of pedals really sound much better when connected before the guitar input of the Helix (ie. Fuzz pedals). The RL2 works perfectly and I am a very happy with it. The only down side is that in order for it to work, I had to reinstall the 2.30 firmware of the Helix because there is a known bug with the 2.50 version of the firmware. That should be fixed with a future patch from Line 6. Certified Awesome!

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    Remote Loopy 2 - Excellent Product

    Posted by Ben Smith on Dec 7th 2017

    The Remote Loopy 2 is an excellent tool that everyone should have! Any amplifier with a non-switchable effects loop can be instantly upgraded with this compact switcher. I use it with an early 50-watt "single rectifier" to add EQ and Delay for a guitar solo tone. I couldn't do that cost effectively without the Remote Loopy 2. Fast shipping and good customer service (the HR rep quickly fixed an error I made in my address) Buy one from these guys.