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Power Base Pack 2 USA

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The GigRig Modular Power Base Pack 1: 1 x Generator  ( US Power Lead) + 2 x Distributor ( 12 X DC leads Included)

Want to kick off your modular power supply kit or set up a small board?

The Base Pack 2 is a great place to start if you are powering a large pedalboard. It provides the heart of our modular power supply solution, The GigRig Generator with a Distributor to spread the power across your board. All that and a discount for buying them together! 

Need to power lots of effects? Different voltages? Different countries? No problem! Using a combination of TheGigRig Generator, Distributors and Adapters, the system can be configured to power nearly every pedal and every voltage out there. 

Planning a smaller board? Check out Base Pack 1.

So what separates TheGigRig GENERATOR from every other 9V supply? 

The GENERATOR delivers:

  • An unbelievable 5 Amps (that's 5000 milliamps!) of power which makes it the most powerful specialist guitar FX supply on the market.
  • Incredibly clean 9V DC regulated studio quality power supply.
  • Short circuit protection protects your precious pedals.
  • Self-healing fuse. That's right, it heals itself!
  • Will work anywhere in the world between 110-250V. No more step-up or step-down transformers.
  • Small, light and discrete. Will fit on any pedal board.

TheGigRig Distributor has 6 non-isolated outputs that can deliver HUGE amounts of current when needed. The Generator first plugs into the Distributor and from there you can power your second distributor, add Isolators, High Current Adapters, Virtual Batteries, what ever you need to make your board work. 

The Basepack 2 bundle includes a Generator and 2 x Distributors 

This combination gives you 11 high current outlets.

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  • 5
    Clean energy!

    Posted by Scot Cruickshank on Aug 15th 2019

    This thing does the job in spades! I dare to say it makes pedals sound better too. You can tell it was built for/by players, simple and highly effective with enough space to power a massive board! Highly recommend

  • 5

    Posted by Patrick M on May 21st 2019

    So far so good. I definitely needed the second generator for my board and I just got an isolator for the more picky pedals. The generator is small and fits nicely under my pedal train classic and I really like the larger power cable. It's hard to imagine that it can power 5 Amps worth of pedals. Im excited that my power needs will be solved for many years to come with this solution. No need to daisy chain any more and hope to get clean power to that last pedal.

  • 5
    power supply

    Posted by Amadeus Falberg on May 10th 2019

    Great product. very convenient, easy to to install, and drastically noticeable. Other power supplies have limited me, Gig Rig brings out the kid in me. comes with cable wrap, which you dont need, because you can cut everything to length. Plus, excellent customer service. Be Free.

  • 5
    great solution

    Posted by Jason on Mar 8th 2019

    I have had all sorts of issues powering my small pedal board as most power suppliers are too large to fit under my pedalboard metro. Being a jazz/blues player I'm not effect heavy, but still want a few and the Gig Rig was perfect! Super small generator that fit under the Metro and wiring it up was a breeze.