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Power Base Pack 1 USA

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The GigRig Modular Power Base Pack 1: 1 x Generator  ( US Power Lead) + 1 x Distributor ( 6 X DC leads Included)

Want to Kick off your modular power supply kit or set up a small board? The Base Pack 1 is a great place to start!

It provides the heart of our modular power supply solution, The GigRig Generator with a Distributor to spread the power across your board and at a discount for buying both together! 

Need to power lots of effects? Different voltages? Different countries? No problem! Using a combination of TheGigRig Generator, Distributors and Adapters, the system can be configured to power nearly every pedal and every voltage out there. 

So what separates The GigRig GENERATOR from every other 9V supply? 
The GENERATOR delivers:

  • An unbelievable 5 Amps (that's 5000 milliamps!) of power which makes it the most powerful specialist guitar FX supply on the market.
  • Incredibly clean 9V DC regulated studio quality power supply.
  • Short circuit protection protects your precious pedals.
  • Self-healing fuse. That's right, it heals itself!
  • Will work anywhere in the world between 110-250V. No more step-up or step-down transformers.
  • Small, light and discrete. Will fit on any pedal board.

The GigRig Distributor has 6 non-isolated outputs that can deliver HUGE amounts of current when needed.

The Generator first plugs into the Distributor and from there you can add Isolators, High Current Adapters, Virtual Batteries, what ever you need to make your board work. 

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  • 5
    Compact and Powerful

    Posted by Jake Cavalier on Jul 23rd 2019

    What power!

  • 5
    Why did I wait so long

    Posted by Brad Bond on May 6th 2019

    After seeing an edition of "That Pedal Show" on power for your pedal board (V.C.P.I. show) I started to analyze my pedal board and searching additional reviews and results about running some of my pedals at higher voltages. Anyway, I took the leap and purchased a Generator, a Distributor and (3) Isolators to power my board. Not only was it simple to wire and connect up but the end result was astounding. I would not have believed it if I had not of experienced it for myself. My rig as a whole has never sounded, responded or ever felt so good under my fingers. The only adjective that I can use is that my rig now feels "liquid" under my fingers. Better feel, better sustain, better clarity. You spend thousands on your rig, spend a few hundred more and make it come alive!!

  • 5
    Gigrig Generates Something Amazing

    Posted by Leonardo Madrigal on Apr 10th 2019

    I’ve heard of Gigrig before through YouTube and have been a fan ever since. It wasn’t until I bought the Metro 24 pedaltrain board, that I had issues with my old power brick. It wouldn’t fit underneath, so it took up space up top. And despite being a smaller board, I still had room for extra pedals but not enough 9v outputs. So I invested in the Gigrig Generator and I’ve never been so pleased. Everything fits underneath without any problem and I have a lot more room on the top of my board. AND everything just sounds so much more brighter and cleaner in my opinion; I had to change some settings on my pedals because of this. This is an amazing product and super simple to set up. Worth every dollar.

  • 5
    Power Base Pack 1

    Posted by Justin on Jun 11th 2018

    My order arrived very quickly. Installation was easy and I have noticed a big improvement in sound quality from the daisy chain that I was using before. Less noise and my tone seems to have an increase in good sounding high end. With this base pack and two Isolators, I am running 9 pedals and a switching unit. Over all, I'm very happy with the Gig Rig power products. Also, I communicated with Gig Rig customer service via email and they were friendly and helpful.

  • 4
    Power Base Pack 1 USA

    Posted by Chris Clayton Loop on Jun 10th 2018

    This power supply is great! So much juice for a small lightweight unit. And tucks away nicely under the board wherever I need it, although I want it on top so that I can show it off! The only bummer was that it didn't seem able to power my Line 6 M9. Even following the diagram I purchased, and emailing back and forth, I still have to use the line 6 power supply, which is about as heavy as the pedal itself. But even with that I'm happy to get the power to my board covered with this unit.

  • 5
    Power Base Pack 1

    Posted by Justin on Jun 6th 2018

    I bought this direct from Gig Rig USA and they sent it via overnight mail. Super fast delivery. I also bought two isolators. I'm powering a switcher and 8 pedals. So far I'm really happy. I was using a daisy chain for power before and I noticed an immediate improvement in tone--a big improvement!

  • 5
    The Power Solution Of My Dreams!

    Posted by Joshua Webb on Sep 25th 2017

    I have a very large board. I have the Pedaltrain Classic Pro and I have about 20 pedals on it. For years, I have been daisy chaining my pedals together because it has been so expensive to buy multiple power supplies. I even had an extension cord mounted underneath my board so that I plug in all the wall warts and then have only 1 power plug going into the wall. Talk about ground loop noise! But now with the Generator, Distributors, and Isolators, I don't have to worry about that. The Generator has more than enough power for all my pedals, and connecting Distributors and Isolators is so easy and does not require that much time! I will be buying more Distributors and Isolators and I will be buying another Generator for my keyboardists pedalboard. Thank you!

  • 5
    Modular Power Supply at its finest

    Posted by Ben Gorena on Aug 21st 2017

    What a perfect solution for a built to spec, custom pedal power supply for anything from standard compact (boss-size) 9V DC pedals to dual-size or wah-size, high-current draw pedals. Easily expandable for the smallest or largest application.

    My board consists of a small paid of overdrives, wah pedal, Moog filter, and a reverb. Will eventually add some switching, some more overdrive options, a more robust effects loop. And I know for a fact that a couple of additional parts added to my current system would do the trick.

    Both products in Power Base Pack 1 function beautifully, noise free, barely any heat, very light footprint hidden underneath the board. The Generator and the Distributor are just the beginning, the other pieces of the system provide the fully connected solution to power all the pedals.