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MIDI Driver comes in response to G2 users asking us for a way to display patch names on a screen, but we've don a lot more than that. Used in conjunction with our G2 MIDI + App, not only does your IOS device become the screen for your G2, you are also able to operate your G2 remotely,  as well as – crucially – being able to store and recall an almost infinite number of preset/pedalboard configuration settings… all via an iOS device.

MIDI Driver connects to G2 via the MIDI ports (allowing further MIDI through connections if necessary). It connects wireless to your iOS device via the G2 App.

GigRig G2 MIDI+ is an iOS application available from Apple's App Store. It is a powerful CoreMIDI compliant MIDI event capture, librarian, cue display and event replay utility. It enables you to capture MIDI events from hardware, network or from other apps. Please see Apple's App Store for a full description.

Please note: at this point MIDI driver only works with iOS devices.




DIMENSIONS - 5.5cm x 5cm x 6.8cm / 2.17in x 1.97in x 2.68in
WEIGHT - 0.13kg / 0.3lbs
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    Cool G2 Add on!

    Posted by Phil Harrison on Oct 12th 2017

    Dan and team continue to come up with ingenious ways to make the G2 more useful. The Midi Driver is a step forward in high tech guitar gear, adding a Bluetooth interface to the G2. The product works exactly as advertised, and it does two main things: First, the Midi Driver allow you to display what is going on with the G2 at any given time on an iOS device. It uses a new GigRig app that you can download from the app store. In the app, you can easily customize messages to display, and these appear in large, easy to read text on your iOS device. Seems that many guitar players struggle with eyesight, and this would be a big help. Many are using devices such as the Selah Quartz to do this, but with the Midi Driver and Bluetooth, you can have your iPhone clipped to your mic stand, for example. The only thing missing is that the interface does not handle stompbox mode very well. It would be great if the display showed the primary preset AND the stompbox add ons. Perhaps an idea for the next app release. The second thing is that the app provides a remote control for the G2. Basically, you can call up any preset and bank with a few touches of your iOS device. This works perfectly, with no noticeable latency. While the whole point of using your feet to change settings on the G2 is that your hands are busy playing guitar, I can imagine a number of uses for this remote control capability. The Midi Driver is built extremely well, just like all GigRig products. Today, the MIDI Driver will appeal the tech-oriented musicians who use MIDI heavily. I'm guessing the app with mature over time, eventually making this device an indispensable tool for many players.