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The GigRig Isolator

TheGigRig Isolator is the crowning glory of our modular power supply solution. 

Each of the Isolator's 4 outputs deliver a very clean, isolated 9v DC supply and it is engineered to provide the ultimate power for your 9v pedals. 

Its compact, lightweight design also helps keep your pedalboard light, small and free from bulky/heavy power supplies. 

Using a combination of the Generator, Distributors, Isolators and Adapters, the system can be configured to provide isolated power to nearly every pedal and every voltage out there. 

Setting the Isolator(s) up on your pedal board is easy. Each Isolator comes with 4 cut-to-length solderless dc power cables. You simply cut the dc cables to the length you need, then plug the cables into the terminal block. The black side goes into the black tab and the white stripe side goes into the white tab. Press each tab down and the cables are connected, there's no need for solder! 

Designed to work as part of The GigRig Modular Power Supply, you can power as many Isolators as you need using the Generator and Distributor.


POWER - 9v in/ 4 x 9v 135mA isolated out
WEIGHT - 0.095kg /0.2lbs
DIMENSIONS - 6.5cm x 3cm x 2cm / 2.56" x 1.18" x 0.79"

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  • 5
    Isolator-Easy and effective

    Posted by Daniel Wilson on Jul 31st 2019

    For isolated power that can fit under almost any board, this cannot be beat. Not only that, because the cables can be cut to the needed length, it is easy to achieve a very clean look with this system.

  • 5
    Easy Isolation

    Posted by Jake Cavalier on Jul 23rd 2019

    The cables are a cinch to install and the unit works like a charm.

  • 5
    Best Quality!

    Posted by Garrett Troupe on Jul 5th 2019

    I love this power supply system best for the money!

  • 5

    Posted by Joshua Shatto on Dec 4th 2018

    I love all Gigrig products. Ships well. Plays well. Holds up well. And sold by a quality company. I have yet to have sound issues since I've gone to Gigrig stuff.

  • 5

    Posted by Pete Chimbidis on Sep 18th 2018

    The modular make-up of the Distributor/Isolator system can’t be beat, because you can stash them underneath a Pedaltrain-type board so easily. I wound up getting two Isolators, because, for seven pedals and a Humdinger, I wanted to be safe rather than sorry. Wiring them up is slow-going at times, but such is the way with any cut-to-length power or audio cable. My rig is dead quiet, so... mission accomplished.

  • 5
    Solid construction

    Posted by Miguel Fernandez on Aug 14th 2018

    Best of the best!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Justin on Jun 11th 2018

    I was previously using a daisy chain and now that I am using Gig Rig power products with two Isolators my tone has really improved. Less noise and clearer tone. It's great to have a modular power system that can grow and change instead of being stuck with some power brick that has a set number of outputs. Over all, I am happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to other people looking to power their pedal board.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Clark on Apr 10th 2018

    Very happy to have the Isolator on my board. It was really easy to wire up, and it fits cleanly under my PT Metro 24 board (which doesn't have much clearance from the floor). Right now I have it running the power to two digital pedals and two analog modulation pedals, and everything is super quiet. Great product!