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Cable Adapters

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Effects pedal power cable adapters

We have a selection of cable adapters available, you can choose from...

1. LINE 6 CABLE ADAPTER - (2.1mm to 2.5mm, Reverse polarity)

If you use a DL4 or any other LINE6 modelling pedal in this range the LINE 6 Adapter will allow you to run it from your Generator. 
All you need to do is put this adapter on the end of one of your Distributor cables and plug it in to your Line 6 modelling pedal or Digitech RP100 series pedal and your good to go.

*WARNING - THE LINE 6 CABLE ADAPTOR WILL NOT WORK WITH THE LINE 6 HX EFFECTS, AS THE UNIT IS CENTER NEGATIVE, Please select the 2.1mm to 2.5mm adapter for this pedal*


If you use a pedal that requires a Mini Jack d.c. input then this is the answer. 
Just pop it on the end of one of the Distributor cables if you're using a TS-808, or on the end of one of our adapters if you need it for something a bit special. 

If you are using an old 18V Electric Mistress for example, just put it on the end of one of our Doubler 9-18V adapters and plug straight into the Mistress.


A simple 2.1mm reverse polarity adapter, so if it goes in centre negative, it comes out centre positive. Useful with a Virtual Battery to power some positive ground effects that need to be isolated.

42.1mm to 2.5mm CABLE ADAPTER

Some pedals use a 2.5mm d.c. input opposed to a normal BOSS style 2.1mm. 

Why? Who knows, its an eternal mystery... But now it's no longer a problem. WORKS WITH THE LINE 6 HX EFFECTS.

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    Reverse Polarity

    Posted by Ben Gorena on Aug 21st 2017

    What a perfect solution for a built to spec, custom pedal power supply for anything from standard compact (boss-size) 9V DC pedals to dual-size or wah-size, high-current draw pedals. Easily expandable for the smallest or largest application.

    My board consists of a small paid of overdrives, wah pedal, Moog filter, and a reverb. Will eventually add some switching, some more overdrive options, a more robust effects loop. And I know for a fact that a couple of additional parts added to my current system would do the trick.

    The Timelord high-current adapter is fed by it's connection to the Distributor, then it connects to the reverse polarity cable adapter to power my Moog MoogerFooger Low Pass Filter. Together, the footprint is not much larger than a 9V battery on the underside of my board, as will all units, operates noise-free, powers pedal beautifully.