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The GigRig ABY BABY Switcher

Compact perfection for using two amps in any combination

Offering phase control and isolation for ultimate noise-free flexibility.

There are many situations in which you need to split and/or combine dual signal paths and switch between them. The most common is when using two guitar amps, either in a stereo, dual-mono or wet/dry configuration. The minute you split a signal, however, you run into two possible problems: ground loop hum and potential phase reversal. ABY Baby solves them both thanks to the isolated, phase-reversible output B.

In addition, output A offers the option of true bypass or buffered outs depending on your tonal and pedal/amp needs.

We've also added a Flip Flop mode for instant, one-touch switching between A and B should that be your need.

ABY Baby uses our own-design OptoKick optical footswitches for maximum reliability and durability. We believe they are the very best footswitches available.

Compact, flexible and roadworthy – ABY Baby!


SWITCHING - TheGigRig OptoKick footswitches. Gold contact audio relays
DIMENSIONS - 16cm x 4cm x 5.8cm / 6.3in x 1.57in x 2.28in
WEIGHT - 0.24kg / 0.5lbs (approx)

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    ABY-BABY for Wet/Dry

    Posted by Paul Pessutti on Feb 19th 2021

    Extremely happy with the ABY-BABY! The build quality is exceptional and is working beautifully in my wet/dry rig, running dry through my 1967 Fender Twin and the wet into a Quilter powered Milkman 1x12 cabinet. Added benefit is how much it has improved the overall tone and eliminated all the hiss. Thanks Dan and the GigRig.

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    100% satisfaction

    Posted by Brandon C on Jul 19th 2020

    The ABY BABY is a terrific product. Quality construction and flawless operation. Honesty worth it for the best ABY switcher on the market. Plus I believe in supporting companies and people that are genuine in their nature and their work ethic. Shipping was quick and packaged well!

  • 5

    Posted by on May 11th 2020

    I just got this unit and I love it. I'm using it as part of a wet/dry rig and it works great. The dry side is a Marshall JTM 45, and the wet side is a Bogner Shiva. Easy to use and it sounds great!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Appel on Apr 22nd 2020

    I could not be more pleased with the ABYBABY.
    Everything about it screams professional: form factor, functionality, quality, quietness, and workmanship.
    When I decided I needed an A-B box, I started researching the market. I knew of the GigRig products from watching "That Pedal Show" for years, so I started there. While checking out the others, the first thing I noticed was that the ABYBABY was the ONLY switch on the market that covers every possible scenario of use and potential problem areas. If I was going to design an A-B switch, it is exactly the way I would want to do it.
    At first, I thought the price might be a little high, but as I researched the features, I found the price reasonable for the value of the product I was getting. Nothing else I found could do what this box could, do it quietly, and handle situations like ground loops and phase issues.
    The push-button switches are quiet and the mode can be changed from A or B (with one button push) to A and/or B (with any combination of button pushes).
    In operation the ABY-BABY is DEAD QUIET. No hiss, no pops, I don't think an A-B-Y box could work better than this one.
    I highly recommend ABY-BABY to anyone serious about high quality, quiet audio routing.

  • 5
    Nice product.

    Posted by Humberto on Mar 12th 2020

    Nice product, solid material and well fabricated. Excellent options of having two A outputs, and phase change at output B. Due to its thin form, I was able to integrate it into my pedalboard at an adequate position. Strongly recommend this product.

  • 5

    Posted by Alex on Jun 17th 2019

    100% legit!! I have needed this for a while. Not just another tool! This A/B/Y switch solves 3 issues for me just putting on my board. Sound wise it is quiet and rugged! Well made and great integration on the flip/flop mode!

  • 5
    The GigRig ABY-BABY

    Posted by David Leedy on Jun 10th 2019

    Nice and quiet, does not pop when you switch. This is the 2nd one I've bought. Quick shipping too!

  • 5

    Posted by Travis on Apr 30th 2019

    Superb ABY switch. Very happy with my ABY-Babies and I recommend this for anyone on the fence about purchasing.